The 1967 Reunion Committee is honored to announce that the Mariemont High School Foundation and Alumni Association has approved the selection of USAF Major Maritza Stapanian and Emory University Professor Juliette Stapanian as recipients of the 2017 MHS Most Distinguished Alumni Award.

Juliette has decided to decline — “step aside” — the award so that her twin sister and best friend could solely be honored. In Juliette’s words, her own achievements “pale in comparison” to Maritza’s incredible academic and career accomplishments and “just being Maritza’s twin is honor enough.”

The award for Maritza is being given posthumously. She died in 2001 of Ovarian Cancer.

Congratulations to Maritza and Juliette, two amazing, modest women who achieved so much, each in a very unassuming, selfless manner! We are all so proud and honored to have been your classmates!