Curriculum Vitae

Current Positions:

-Associate Professor, Russian and East European Studies Program/Department of Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures, Emory University

-Affiliated Faculty, Department of Film Studies, Emory University

-Affiliated Faculty, Department of Women’s Studies, Emory University

Contact Information: REALC, Emory University Atlanta, Georgia 30322

Telephone: (404) 727-3644 e-mail:

Research Specialties: interrelationships between verbal and visual culture, Russian modernism, South Caucasus, science and art, women’s studies

Academic Administrative Positions at Emory:


  • Chair, Department of Russian, Eurasian, & East Asian Languages & Cultures 1996- 2001, 2005-Fall 2008
  • Chair, Dept of Russian Studies 1988-96
  • Chair, Russian Division/Dept. of Modern Languages, 1986-88


-Director, Center for Russian and East European Studies (REES), 2000-Fall 2007, 1992- 96, 1985-87

  • Founding Director, Center for Language, Literature and Culture ,1989-91


-University of Wisconsin, Madison:

Ph.D. (August 1980), Dept of Slavic Languages and Literatures MA , Slavic Langs. & Lits.

Russian Area Studies Certificate

BA-Honors Degree,  Russian major (1972)

-Moscow State University (Russia):

Russian Language Teachers Certificate (Summer 1981)

Teaching Experience:

  • Emory University: Sept. 1980-present (Associate Professor, 1986-present; Assistant Professor 1980-1986)
  • University of Wisconsin (Madison) Teaching Assistant, Russian (August 1977-June 1978 and June 1975-September 1975)
  • University of Wisconsin Extension (Madison) Instructor, Russian (also program developer for Russian (June-August 1979 and January-June 1975)

Select Program Grants :

  • consultant, Library of Congress-Open World grant (Dr. Alfred Brann, principal author and project director) for” Collaborative Educational Program in Bioethics—Exchange with Russian Healthcare Leaders” involving Russian Ministry of Health, I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, and Emory University (2008-09)

principal author, Academy of Korean Studies Visiting Professorship renewal grant (2008-11; $30,000 per year for 3 years)

-contributing author , Chinese Ministry of Education (Hanban) Confucius Institute Grant, approved Summer 2006, to be funded 2008-11 ($300,000)

-co-author, Hanban Visiting Instructors Grants ( $15,000 per year for two years for one instructor, 2006-8; $30,000 per year for two instructors, 2008-11)

-contributing author and project director, Academy of Korean Studies—Visiting Lecturer Grant (2007-8)—to launch Korean language instruction

-project organizer, Future of Russia Foundation grant ($8,000) to REES (awarded Fall 2005) for interdisciplinary conference held March 2006 in conjunction with Balashikha Maternity Hospital Project (Dr. Alfred Brann, project director)

-departmental supervisor for select Japan Foundation grants

  • principal author and project director, US Dept. of Education Title VI National Resource Center Grant (for SEES) 1994-97; (1994-95: $122,855, FLAS $89,080; 1995-96:

$127,177, FLAS $91,232);l996-97 ($122,090;FLAS $ll0,865)

  • principal author and project director , U. S. Dept. of Education Title VI National Resource Center grant renewal (for SEES) 1993-96; ($155,738 for the Program and

$68,370 for FLAS Fellowships),

  • principal author and project director, U.S. Department of Education, Title VI – Undergraduate Program, 1985-87 ($70,000)

–Contributing author, U.S. Dept. of Education Grant, Title VI, Undergraduate Program 1983-85

Individual Grants, Awards, Honors:

International and National:

Summer Research Associate grants -Russian and E. European Center, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana( 2008, 2000, 1998, 1991)

-Visiting Scholar Stipend Award, Herzen U., (Petersburg Russia; Summer 2002)

-USDOE Title VI /SEES grant , Summer Workshop for teachers, “Teaching Social Studies through the Russian Arts” ($2,000, Aug. l996)

  • USDOE Title VI /SEES course development grant,$4,000, for new course development
  • ITS travel grant to Soviet Union, Feb.-March 1991
  • University of Michigan/AGBU study-travel grant for Armenian Studies ($5,000) (Yerevan, Armenia SSR, Summer 1988)

-George Freedley Book Award nomination ( 1987)

  • Fulbright-Hays Fellowship (January 1984-July 1985) in USSR
  • International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX Young Faculty Exchange to USSR (1984-85)
  • Bunting Institute nominee (1983)
  • National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Seminar Fellowship, University of Chicago (Summer 1983)
  • IREX Summer Teacher’s Exchange (1981)
  • IREX Scholar’s Exchange (August 1976-July 1977)

-NDEA Title VI Fellow (1972-76)

  • University of Wisconsin Dean Fellow (1979-1980)
  • Vilas Award Recipient (1978-1979)
  • Ford Foundation Fellow (1971-72)
  • Phi Beta Kappa-
  • Phi Kappa Phi

-Dobro Slovo Special Book Award

–Indiana University Summer Travel Award — USSR (1970)

Select Emory Awards, Grants:

Recipient, Creekmore Award for Internationalization (2009-10)

-Inaugural Faculty Director, Emory Russian Studies Scholarship Fund (2008-present)

-Thomas Jefferson Award Nominee (Spring 2009)

– Alpha Tau Omega Teacher Honoree Dinner (Spring 2008)

-Emory College Language Center grant—inaugural i-pod  workshop (Summer 2005)

-Emory Center for Interactive Teaching grant—Blackboard workshop (Summer 2004)

-Piedmont Faculty Workshop grant (infusing environmental studies across the curriculum) (Summer 2003,)

-“Crystal Apple” Teaching Award Nominee

-Language Across the Curriculum Grant for course on non-English Press in the U.S. (with Sheila Tefft, Journalism; $11, 500 Spring 2001)

  • University Teaching Fund, Project for Distance Learning (Videoconferencing) (1996- 1997 $l6,000)—to establish videoconferencing instruction with Oxford College

-Science–Art Student Partnership project (with Sidney Perkowitz, 2000; grant proposal to Emory University Teaching Fund successful but project deferred).


  • The Cubo-Futurist “Vision” of V. Mayakovsky, Rice University Press, 1986. (Nominated for George Freedley Memorial Award, 1987)

-The Russian Futurist Feminine:  Elena Guro as Writer and Painter (in progress)

  • Healing and the Russian Arts: Values and Vision (in progress)

Book Chapters:

  • “Poetic Vision and Lissitsky’s For the Voice,” For the Voice, ed. P. Railing ( British Museum, 2000)
  • “ Elena Guro,” Russian Women Writers, ed. C. Tomei (Garland Press, 1999)

-”Ironic ‘Vision’ as an Aesthetics of Displaced Truth in M. Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita, Varieties of Seeing: Essays on Russian Visual and Narrative Art, ed. R. Anderson and P. Debreczeny, (U. of Florida Press, l994)

Scholarly Articles and Essays:

–“Guro and Kandinsky:  Writing the Visual,” in submission

–“The Writer’s Brush:  Visioning Identity in the Work of  Elena Guro,”  (in progress)

–“The South Caucasus,” published proceedings for 1998 NAFSA conference on Transcaucasus and Central Asia, ed. W. Fierman, U. of Indiana (Bloomington  Jan 1999)

  • “Alexander Rodchenko: Reminiscences of Vladimir Mayakovsky,” in Visions, No. 1, ed. John Bowlt (Jan. 1995)

Soviet Posters and the Questioning of Soviet Identity exhibition brochure published by the American Institute of Graphic Artists (November l99l) with funding from the Litho- Krome Co., a subsidiary of Hallmark, Inc.

  • “Armenia,” Reform or Nationalism in Eastern Europe, eds. V. Herson & C. Rogel, Center for Slavic & East European Studies, Ohio State University, 1989
  • “Universal War and the Dynamics of Abstraction in Verbal and Pictorial Zaum’”, Slavic and East European Journal, Vol. 29, No. 1, 1985
  • “Vasily Kandinsky and the Russian Avant-Garde (l900-l930): Toward Artistic

Synthesis,” in Kandinsky and Russian Avant-Garde Music, exhibition brochure published in conjunction with the High Museum of Art (April l985)

-“V. Majakovskij’s ‘Street’ (Ulicnoe) and the Alogical Painting of K. Malevic,” Studies in Honor of Xenia Gasiorowska (juried festscrhift, ed. by L. Leighton: Slavica Pub., 1983)

  • “Vladimir Mayakovsky,” entry for Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century (New York: Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., 1983), 2nd ed., vol.
  • “Vladimir Maiakovskii’s ‘From Street into Street’ as Cubo-Futurist Canvas: A View Through the Art of K. Malevich,” Slavic Review, 41, Winter
  • “V. Maiakovskij’s ‘To Signs’ (Vyveskam) — A Cubist Signboard in Verse,” Slavic and East European Journal, XXVI, 2, Summer
  • “A Background to Slavic Cooking,” Slavic Cookery E. Zawacki, compiled by L. Kalaida (University of Wisconsin, 1976).

Select Translations:

“So Life Goes” and Excerpts from the diary of Elena Guro, for Russian Women Writers, ed. C. Tomei (Garland Press, 1998)

  • draft Constitution of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, authored by Boris Ossipian; translation presented at international conference of the Armenian Bar Assoc. (Los Angeles; March l0-l4, l993)

Book Reviews Solicited by Major Journals:

Cultivating Nationhood in Imperial Russsia: The Periodical Press and the Formation of a Modern Armenian Identity, by L. Khachaturian (Russian Review, forthcoming January 2010)

  • Imagine no Possessions by Cristina Kiaer,  Russian Review (Oct 2008, vol 67, issue 4)

Russian Minimalism: From the Prose Poem to the Anti-Story, by Adrian Wanner, review solicited by Slavic Review (Spring 2005, vol 64, issue 1)

-Joseph Brodsky The Art of A Poem, by Lev. Losseff and Valentina Polukina, Slavic Review (vol 61, no. 4 Winter 2002)

Vasilisk Gnedov, by Crispin Brooks, Slavic Review (vol 60, no 2, Summer 2001)

The Literature of Georgia: A History, by D. Rayfield, for Canadian-American Slavic Studies (vol 30, nos. 2-4, 1996, pp 445-447)

  • Zaumnyi futurizm i dadaizm v russkoi kul’ture, ed. L. Magarotta, M. Mazaduri, D. Ricci (Bern: Verlag Peter Lang, 1991) for Canadian-American Slavic Studies (l996)
  • The Armenia Earthquake and the Armenian Tragedy for Russian Review (January 1992)
  • Russian Futurist Manifestos, Anna Lawton, for Slavic and East European Journal (Fall 1991)
  • L’avanguardia a Tiflis, ed. Mazaduri, for Slavic and East European Journal (Winter 1983).
  • Transactions of the Association of Russian-American Scholars: On Russian Art, ed. N. Jernakoff, Russian Review 44, No. 2 (Winter 1984)
  • The Look of Russian Literature, Avant-Garde Visual Experience 1900-1930. G. Janecek (Princeton University Press), for Slavic Review.
  • Constructivism (Lodder), and Tatlin (Milner), for Soviet Union, Vol. 12, Part 3,
  • Soviet Emigre Artists, for Russian Review, 1987

Select Public Scholarship:  Exhibition and Curatorial Work:

–“GULAG: Soviet Prisoncamps and Their Legacy,” Martin Luther King Center, Dec 2007-Feb 2008, co-curator

-“Science and Art: Shared Frontiers,” exhibition, Jan-May 2001, Schatten Gallery, Emory University. Initiator and co-curator.


-“Poster Art of the Soviet Union,” (Nov 5, l990-Feb 8, l99l) sponsored by High Museum of Art and Atlanta Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA); as guest curator of the exhibition, I was responsible for the full design of the exhibits at both the Georgia-Pacific Center venue of the High Museum and at the Schatten Gallery of Emory University.  I authored all wall texts and  exhibition publications, provided public lectures, and trained docents.

— “Alexander Rodchenko: Art in Revolution,” High Museum of Art, City of Atlanta; as guest curator of this 5-month exhibition, I was responsible for the selection of works and for the full design of the exhibit. Serving earlier as consultant on Rodchenko for the Getty Museum’s Dept of Photography, I authored the exhibition brochure, provided public lectures, and trained docents. (Jan-May 1987)

— Project Initiator and Director, “Synaesthesia: The Art of Vasily Kandinsky”, in conjunction with the exhibition on Vasily Kandinsky, High Museum of Art; a multi-art event, co-sponsored by Emory University, High Museum, Atlanta Hilton and Towers (April 1984)

Essays and Published Interviews:

–“Ethics in the Academy:  Keeping Growth Responsible in the Research University,” with Richard Rothenberg, Research at Emory: the Report of the Commission on Research (2003)

–Art and Science : closer than you think,” with Sidney Perkowitz, The Academic Exchange (Sept. 2000,  pp 10-11)

-“RA Scientific Council: Means of Emerging from a Dead End,” with Sinerik Ayrapetyan, Armenian Reporter (June 17, 2000 pp. 28-30);

  • “The All-Armenian Research Council”with Sinerik Ayrapetyan, The Armenian Reporter (July 1,2000, pp 29-31)

-”Trends in the Classroom: A Look at Russian Studies,” A Publication on Information Technology at Emory University,  Jan/Feb 1998, vol VII, no.3

-”The Referendum on Armenian Independence: A View from America,” a published interview , HAIK, Sept. l8, l99l (Yerevan)

  • “Eyewitness in Armenia,” Washington Post, Oct. 30, 1988, pp. C1-4

Papers, National and International Conferences:

-“Touching the Green Stripe: The Visual and Verbal Art of Ol’ga Rozanova and Elena Guro,”  AATSEEL (paper accepted:        Philadelphia, Dec 2009)

-“Education and The Avantgarde: Pedagogy and aesthetics in the work of Elena Guro,” AATSEEL (San Francisco, Dec 27, 2008)

-Chair, Panel on Russian Symbolism, AATSEEL (San Francisco, Dec 27, 2008)

-“The Other Futurist Woman:  Guro’s Sister E. Nizen,” AATSEEL (Chicago, Dec 2007)

“Natalia Goncharova and Elena Guro,” AATSEEL conference, Washington D. C.(Dec 2006)

-“Guro and Goncharova: The Urban Feminine,” AATSEEL, Dec 2005 (Washington, D.C.)

-“Guro and Kandinsky:Rethinking the Paths Toward Abstraction,” AATSEEL, Dec 2004 (Philadelphia)

-Discussant, Panel on Mandelstam, AAASS Nov 2003 (Toronto, Canada)

-“Gothic Art and Futurism: The Work of Elena Guro,” KFLC, April 2001 (Lexington, KY)

-”Myth and Magic: Guro and the Search for the Holy Grail,” AAASS, Nov 2000 (Denver); (also, discussant for the panel “Religion and Women’s Writing” at this conference)

-”Drawing Outside the Lines:  the Work of Elena Guro,” AATSEEL Dec 1999 (Chicago)

  • “Earth Mixed with Water: the Aesthetics of Poet-Painter E. Guro,” AATSEEL Dec

1998 (San Francisco)

-”Boris Pasternak,” invited discussant, AATSEEL Dec 1998 (San Francisco)- “Legacies of World War II,” symposium head and participant (Atlanta, Nov. 1995)

  • Russian Modernism and the Arts, panel chair, AATSEEL National Conference, Dec. 1991 (San Francisco)
  • Moderator, “Conference on National Identity and Cultural Representation,” Emory University, April 29, 1989
  • “Russian Icons and the Russian Avant-Garde,” AATSEEL, (Washington, D.C., Dec. 1988)
  • “Mayakovsky and Rodchenko: Constructively Photographing PRO ETO,” 41st Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, University of Kentucky (Lexington), April 22, 1988
  • “Literature and the Other Arts; the 1920s in Russia,” Discussant, MLA (Chicago, Dec. 1985)
  • “Russian Modernism,” presenter and panel chair, AATSEEL, (Chicago, Dec. 1985)
  • “Twentieth-Century Russian Painting and Literature,” presenter and panel secretary, AATSEEL (Washington, Dec. 1984)
  • “The Poet-Painter and an Aesthetics of ‘Magnificent Clarity’,” AAASS (Kansas City, Oct. 1983)
  • “Parallels between Pictorial Constructivism and Early Soviet Prose: Olesha’s Envy and Zamjatin’s We,” AATSEEL (New York City, Dec. 1983)
  • “V. Majakovskij’s Vyveskam and the Pictorial Signboard,” AATSEEL (Houston, Dec. 1980)

-“V. Majakovskij’s A vy mogli by? — A Cubist Still-Life in Verse,” national Conference AATSEEL (San Francisco, Dec. 1979)

Invited Speaker:  Select National and International Forums

  • Presenter, “Medical Humanities: Understanding Ethics in Cultural Context,” Collaborative Program in Bioethics, (Moscow Medical Academy (Sechenov Medical Institute), Moscow) May 12-16, 2009

-Presenter, “ Understanding Contemporary BioEthics Through Chekhov’s Eyes,” Open World Forum “Collaborative Educational Program in Bioethics—Cross Cultural Exchange with Russian Healthcare Leaders” (October10-17, 2008, Atlanta)

  • “Looking Ahead: Science in the Caucasus,” In Honor of Robert P. Apkarian” Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan (October 2006)

-“Sergei Diaghilev: Russian Impressario and His World of Art, “ High Museum of Art , Atlanta (May 21, 2003 ;in conjunction with Pushkin Museum/Moscow and French Consulate)

–“Minority Rights in South Caucasus,” Conference on Transcaucasus and Central Asia, Indiana University (Bloomington, May 2001)

-keynote speaker, “Karabakh i amerikantsy: konflikt politicheskikh kul’tur” University of Stepanakert (Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh, Oct. 1998)

-”The Caucasus–Political and Social Dynamics,” and “The Caucasus–Educational Reform, “ for NAFSA-funded Conference “Opening Doors to Central Asia and Transcaucasia”  Indiana University (Bloomington:April  4 &5, l997)

– “Cultural Issues in Multi-National Federative States: The Hard Lessons of the Soviet Union,” Symposium on the Making of a New Ethiopian Constitution (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), May 17-21, 1993. Chair, Panel on Comparative Federative and Confederative States (former Soviet Union, Nigeria, India, South Africa). My participation was sponsored by the Program in Human Rights, Carter Center

-“The Politics of Science in the Former Soviet Union,” International Conference of AEMS, Dilijan, Armenia (September 1993)

-Ethnic Issues in Russia and the other former Soviet Republics,” invited speaker, l993 Silver Anniversary Symposium on “Russia: Present Realities and Future Directions,” with Steven Hurst Bureau Chief of CNN in Moscow:  Georgia Tech, Nov. 4-5, l993)

-”Ethnic and National Tensions in Eastern Europe, invited lecturer for International Spring Series, Valdosta State College (Valdosta, GA ;April 26, l993)

-“National Identity as Cultural Survival,” prepared for foreign press and observers invited by the Republic of Armenia (Yerevan, Sept. 1991)

-”Seeking National Identities in the USSR,” Salisbury State University (Salisbury, MD; Nov. l99l)

  • “Nationalism as Cultural Survival,” for Workshop on Nationalism and Ethnic Tensions in the Soviet Union, University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana), June 17, 1989

-“Armenia,” for conference “Reform or Revolution? Nationalism in Eastern Europe,” Ohio State University, April 15, 1989

  • “Gorbachev’s nationalities Dilemma: Armenia and Azerbaijan,” invited speaker, Hobart and William Smith Colleges (May 18, 1989)
  • “Kommunikativnaja funkcija stranovedenija: problemy teorii,” Soviet-American Russian Teachers Conference (Moscow State University, USSR, 1981)

Other Invited Talks/Panels

-Discussant, “George Liber’s Modern Ukraine: A History,” Southern Conference of Slavic Studies (SCSS), Atlanta, March 28, 2008

-Panel Chair and Discussant, “Maternal and Neonatal Care: Model Legislation for Countries in Transition,” World Law institute Inaugural Conference: Emory University (March  2007)

-“New Ways of Understanding the Armenian Genocide,” Atlanta , April 2005)

-“Into the Wild: An American Reads Russia,” for Emory , Dec 15,2003 “”Revolution in Art and Dance: Diaghilev & the Ballets Russes” cosponsored REES/Dance Program, Emory (Nov 13, 2003)

-“Genocide and the War on Terrorism: the Case of Armenia”, April 24, 2003, Georgia State Capitol

-“Reconciling Race, Ethnicity, and other Lines that Divide Us,” response paper for Symposium on Reconciliation, Emory U., January 26, 2001

-”Chechenya: The View from South Caucasus” for REES roundtable on Chechenya, 3- 30-00

-”The First Genocide of the 20th Century: a View at the End of the Century,” invitational speech at official proclamation ceremony by Governor Roy Barnes, Georgia State Capitol Building, April 23, 1999

-”The Armenian Genocide” A Politics of Denial,” AICAA, April 24, l998, Atlanta City Hall (I authored the speech by Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell as well)

-”Contemporary Dynamics in the Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia,” sponsored by the Center for Russian and East European Studies, Emory U. (Oct. 7, l997)

-”Armenia at the Threshold to the 21st Century: International Perspectives,” Racine, WI (April 27, l997)

-“Bed and Sofa: The Space of Soviet Women,” for panel “The Ideology of Gender: Russian Avant Garde Art,” Atlanta College of Art, Feb 3, l996. I also moderated the panel in conjunction with the Atlanta opening of this international exhibition.

-”Foreign Policy Priorities,” guest moderator for opening session, Great Decisions-l996; Emory U. Jan 24, l996- “Cultures of Violence and Distrust — The Case of the Former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia,” Colloquium on Global Mental Health with inaugural presentation by W. Kleinman of World Health Organization Report on Status of World Mental Health, at U.S. Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, Feb. 9, 1995)

-“Building from the Ruins of War in Bosnia,” guest moderator, roundtable of professionals from Bosnia, Southern Center of International Studies, (Atlanta,Dec. l3, l995)

– “Ethnic Dynamics in the Caucasus,” Houston Mill House Series, November l994

-”Education and the Move toward Democracy in the Transcaucasus,” AGAPE (Davidson College, N.C.; Feb. l994)

-”Conflict resoultion in Nagorno-Karabakh,” Carter Center consultation “International Intervention: Universal Rights and National Consequences,” April l0, l993

-Ethnicity and the New Disorder in E. Europe and the former Soviet Union, Highlands Forum (Highlands, N. Carolina; June l2, l992)

-”Nationalities in the Search for Democracies in E. Europe and the Former Soviet Union,” Southern Center for International Studies, (June l6, l992) as part of series on Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States

-”Independence in the USSR: A View from the Smallest Republic,” SEES brown bag lecture series (Oct. 30, l99l)

  • “Issues of National Identity in Contemporary Soviet Posters,” High Museum of Art Lecture Series, (Georgia-Pacific Bldg., Jan. 23, 1991)
  • “The Concept of Self in Contemporary Soviet Posters,” introduction to exhibition and to Steven Heeler, arts editor, The New York Times, High Museum of Art and American Institute of Graphic Artists (Nov. 1990)

-”Soviet Nationalities,” Seminar on Soviet Union, U. of So. Carolina, Greenville (March 24, l990)-”Mass Movements: The Case of Armenia and Azerbaijan,” SEES brown bag lecture series (April 27, l989)

  • “Mass Movements: The Case of Armenia and Azerbaijan,” University of North Carolina, Charlottesville, (April 20, 1989)
  • “Soviet Nationalities, An Overview,” invited speaker, The Southern Center for International Studies; Atlanta (March 16, 1989)
  • “Soviet Nationalities and Contemporary Culture ,” invited speaker, seminar for U.S. Dept. of Ed. grantees, at University of Southern California (April 9, 1988)- ”Contemporary Soviet Life and the Arts,” High Museum of Art (Sept. l5, l987)

-”Revolution through the Eye of a Camera:, SEES brown bag lecture series (Sept. l987);Other SEES brown bag presentations include one on Kandinsky and one on Formalist theory  and its Futurist base

  • “Art in Revolution vs. Revolution in Art: The Case of V. Majakovskij,” Midwest AAASS (Columbus, Ohio, May 1984)
  • “Redefining Realism: The Case of the Russian Avant-Garde,” symposium, “Art, Culture and Change,” sponsored by Committee for Comparative Cultural Change and the Art History Dept., Emory University (Atlanta, March 1984)
  • “Chekhov as Seen Through the Moderns,” Mountain Interstate Foreign Languages Conference (West Virginia Polytech, October 1983)
  • “Meta-Irony in M. Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita,” University of Georgia Colloquium “Irony in Literature” (Athens, Ga., April 1983)
  • “Zaum’ in Russian Painting,” SCSS (Lexington, October 1981)

— “V. Mayakovsky’s ‘From Street into Street’ and the Cubo-Futurist Art of K. Malevich,” Wisconsin AATSEEL (Madison, WI, October 1979)

  • “V. Majakovskij’s Iz Ulicy v ulicu as Cubo-Futurist Canvas,” Midwest AAASS (Minneapolis, MN 1979)
  • “V. Majakovskij’s Ulicnoe as Poem-Picture,” Regional AATSEEL (Madison, WI, 1979)

Other Symposia and Conferences:

Discussant, international conference, “Empire and Nation in East Asia ,” (Emory, 2007)

-Chair, Panel on Pasternak, AAASS (Toronto Canada, Nov 2003)

–Panelist, “Social Support in Transitional Economies: the Search for New Models,” national conference sponsored by REES, ECIS, the Center for the Study of Health, Culture, and Society, , Emory U.,  with Title VI funding March 21, l997

-Discussant, paper by Emila Butarovich on “Nationalism and Rape: Gendering ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ in Bosnia Herzegovina, international conference “Uncanny Europe,” sponsored aby the ILA and the Program in Culture, History and Theory ; Emory University (March l, l997)

-Organizer and moderator for international conference “The European Union: Looking Toward the 2lst Century ,” Emory U. (March 28, l996, Title VI funded)

-Conference organizer and discussant, National Conference on “ Legacies of World War II,” sponsored by SEES, Emory U.(November l995, Title VI funded)

-Conference organizer and moderator, national conference on “Women in Societies in Transition,” Emory U. (April l995)

-Conference Organizer and Moderator for international conference “Ethnic and National Identity: Strategy Assessment for Conflict Resolution,” Emory U. April l5-l6, l994 (Title VI funded)

– Invited participant, consultation on the Republic of Georgia; sponsored by the Carter Center and the Center for Study of Human Mind and Interaction (U. of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va., Oct. 9-10, 1995

-Invited guest, International Consultation on the Caucasus, Carter Center and INN (Feb. l992)

-Conference organizer and moderator, national conference on “National Identity and Cultural Identity,” sponsored by the Center for Language Literature and Culture of Emory U. (April 29, l989)- Discussant, “How to Conduct Research on the Arts in the USSR,” IREX Summer Institute, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana (July 1985)

-Invited Guest, Ford Library and the Carter Center Symposium on New Weapons Technologies and Soviet-American Relations, Nov. 14, 1984, Ann Arbor, MI- Discussant, “Twentieth Century Russian Literature,” SCSS (Atlanta, October 1983)

Select Workshops

-Co director (with Dr. Peggy Barlett), Graduate Student (TATTO) Piedmont Workshop, Summer 2008, Summer 2007

-Organizer and Presenter, A Taste of Teaching by Television,” Workshop on academic use of videoconferencing conducted simultaneously at Emory’s Atlanta and Oxford campuses, with guests from CNN and Corp. for Research and Educational Networking, April 3, 1998 (funded by University Teaching Fund)

-Organizer and Presenter, Workshop for Teachers on “Teaching Social Sciences through the Russian Arts,” June 23-25 l997, funded by Title VI

-”Dynamics in Contemporary Russian Culture” for Workshop for College Instructors — ”Infusing East European Studies in the Curriculum,” sponsored by Nine University and College International Studies Consortium of Georgia (October ll, l996)

– “Soviet Nationalities: The Case of Armenia,” Title VI-SEES sponsored workshop for Georgia high school teachers ( May 1991)

Select Media Interviews

–major Korean news outlets, 2007-08 (in conjunction with launching of new Korean Studies programming at Emory)

–Armenian National Television, October 2007; September l991 (also broadcast on Russian National Television)

–CNN, interview on Primenews , January l990

–National Public Radio- interview on Karabakh

–Newsweek, Atlanta Journal/Constitution, USA Today,

-Atlanta television:  WAGA, WGNX,

-WGST Radio

Select Service to Profession

-State of Georgia Fulbright Committee (nominated May 2009, decision on appointment



-Field Reader, U.S. Dept. of Education, Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad (November 2008)

Field Reader, U.S.Dept. of Education, Title VI- UISFL grants (January 2008)

-Reviewer of article submissions for Slavic Review , Canadian Slavonic Journal, and Slavic and East European Journal  (to the present)

-Honors Thesis Committee/Russian, U. of Pittsburgh (2005)

  • Search Committee for Secretary-Treasurer, National AATSEEL, 1988-89
  • Vice-President, National AATSEEL, 1986-88
  • Secretary, Georgia AATSEEL (1981-85)-

— Field Reader for U.S. Department of Education Title VI  NRC Grants, Washington,

D.C. (International programs: December 1985 and December 1987; December 1995; International Studies Research and Instructional Material Development  April 7-ll, l997)

–NEH grant reviewer 1989

  • outside evaluator for Russian program at the College of Charleston (Charleston, SC, 1981-82)
  • local arrangements assistant, Southern Conference on Slavic Studies (SCSS; Atlanta, Ga. Oct. 1983)
  • outside evaluator of Russian and Serbo-Croatian for Atlanta Association of Translators (1982, 1983)

Select Consultancies:

–Balashikha Maternity Hospital Project (Russia), Future of Russia Foundation/WHO Collaborating Center in Reproductive Health, 2000-present

-CDC/WHO Public Heath Projects, Armenia

– U.S. Institute for Peace, Nov. 1994-Caucasus project reviewer

-J. Paul Getty Museum – Rodchenko Photography (Santa Monica 1986-7)

-University of Massachusetts, Buryatia proposal consultant (2004-5)

-UNESCO Chair,  Life Sciences University , Armenia (Fall 2002-present)

  • –Embassy of Armenia– First Lady of Armenia, Liudmilla Ter Petrossian/ American Health Alliance International Conference (Atlanta, Oct. l997)

— Armenia-Georgia-American Partnership Endeavor (AGAPE) — 1993-96; educational task force to Armenia, Aug. 1994

-CDC consultant-public health/epidemiology projects in Armenia

  • Institute of World Affairs, Consultant on Caucasus (l996-present)

-National Peace Foundation consultant for project on assessing conflict resolution projects Transcaucasus (l994-present)

-Official International Observer of Referendum on Independence (September 1990)—at the invitation of the Presidium of the Republic of Armenia

-Specialist consultant to Ann Garrels, National Public Radio (January l997) for her series on the Caucasus

-World Bank project on Center for Maternal and Child Health in the Caucasus (Dr. Al Brann, project Director), l995-7

-Atlanta coordinator and project assistant UAF project to train professionals from Armenia in disabilities assessment and treatment at the Sidney Marcus Center ( Nov-Dec. l996)

-Coordinator for Armenian project for Children’s Cross Connection (Summer l996)

  • Armenia Public Health Association proposal for project on refugees in Armenia and Georgia, October 1995
  • Educational Project with Peace Corps in Armenia, October 1995

-invited participant on consultation on Abkhazia, sponsored by Carter Center and U. of Virginia Consultation (October l995 (Charlottesville, VA)

  • Carter Center, Program in Conflict Resolution


  • Peace Corps educational project, Briussov Institute for Foreign Languages in Yerevan, Jan 1995 and Sept. 1995

-High Museum ,   French Impressionists at the Pushkin Museum , 2003

  • Exhibition “Sacred Russian Art,” B. Vigtel, curator– media consultant for events in the Soviet Union, 1990-91
  • consultant and translator for Washington lawyers for Armenian refugees from Baku pogroms
  • High Museum, Sports Art exhibition, Fall 1991
  • consultant and translator for lawyer A. Ashdjian (New York) for joint business ventures with the Republic of Armenia

-specialist consultant to staff of Hedrick Smith in preparation for his book The New Russians

-State of Georgia Coordinator for Armenian Earthquake Relief (l988-l989)

  • University of Southern California; consultant for Department of Education grant for teachers to USSR (l987-88)

-appointed by city of Atlanta to Host Committee for US/USSR cultural exhibition, “Life, Family, and Society” (Aug.-Oct l987)

  • consultant for translation services for A. Brown Olmstead Associates, Atlanta (ad. agency bidding for Turner Broadcasting’s coverage of the Friendship Games)
  • advisor for Callanwolde Theater’s production of “Somersaults’ by Soviet playwright Arbuzov (Atlanta, 1983)
  • Technical advisor for Alliance Theatre’s production of “Chekhov in Yalta” (Atlanta 1982)
  • Russian language translation for City of Atlanta Project “High Rise for the Elderly” (1982)

Select Emory Committees:


-Emory-Georgia Tech Committee on Bioethics (Spring 2009-present_

-International Affairs Council (IAC, 2005-Fall 2008)

-Coordinating Committee for University Internationalization (CCUI, 2006-Fall 2008

– University Korea Task Force (2004-Fall 2008)

-University China Task Force (2005-Fall 2008)

-Strategic Planning, Committee #4 (2004-5)

-University Research Commission, Ethics Subcommittee (2001-03)

College/Graduate School

-College Admissions and Scholarships Committee (Fall 2009-12)

-Chair, International Student Subcommittee, CASE (2009-10)

-International Student College Task Force (Fall 2007-2008)

-Humanities Council, 2005-Fall 2008

-Emory Self Instructional Studies Center for Less Commonly Taught Languages (SILS- LCTL) Inaugural Director Search (2007-08)

-Admissions Committee, REES graduate and professional-school certificate programs — (l990-present)

-chair, interdepartmental task force for Emory fund- Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2007-Fall 2008)

– Author, successful Emory proposal  for study abroad in Budapest (Fall 2007)

-Reviewer, Czech programs abroad (Fall 2007)

-Primary Author, Graduate School White Paper on the place of undergraduate departments in graduate education (Fall 2007)

-Fourth Year/Tenure Review committees, Film Studies (2004-5)


-REES Representative, Area Studies Council, ICIS (August 2000-1, 2003-5)

-FAME advisory committee (2003-4)

-SIRE grant-selection committee (Fall 2003)

-Academic Festival Planning Committee (2003)

-Asian Studies Executive Committee (1999-2001)

-Asian Studies Steering Committee (1995-1997)

-ICIS Executive Committee (August l999-01)

-Convener, Humanities Council (founder, 1998; 2000-01) – Initiative led to founding of Center for Humanistic Inquiry (CHI)

– NEH Distinguished Teaching Chair Selection Committee (May 1998, 1996)

-Tenure and Promotion Committee Middle Eastern Studies (NEJLL), 1995-2001, 2002-3) Center for International Programs Abroad (CIPA)–Study Abroad Committee (Fall l997- 2000)

-Dean’s International Studies Committee (Spring l998)—initiative led to founding of ICIS

-Chair, Emory/Oxford Distance Learning Committee (l996-97)

-Ford Foundation Committee (Crossing Borders)- l997-98

-cofounder and member, Council of Women Chairs (l996-1998)

-Asian-American Search Committee (Summer l997)

  • Emory College Faculty Grievance Committee (1991-3)

-Women’s Studies Steering Committee (l99l-92)

-Library Policy Committee (Jan. 1988-91)

  • English Department Search Committee (1986-87)
  • Search Committees for Department of Modern Languages and Classics (1984-88)- Women’s Studies, Search Committee (1985-86)
  • Volkswagen Scholar Committee (1985-86)
  • Search Committee for Chair of Modern Languages and Classics (1982-84)
  • Chair, Humanities Subcommittee, Curriculum Committee (1982-84)
  • Stipes Society Competition, Fine Arts Chair (1983-84)
  • Oxford Student Scholarship Committee (1983-84)


Korean Studies Development (2008-present)

-support for numerous special events and activities at Emory 1980-present

Headed two departmental reviews  and self studies (AY 2007-08, 1997 )

-Director of Undergraduate Studies, 1988-1998, 1999-2001, 2005-Fall 2008)

-Chair , Departmental Faculty-Search Committees in Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean(1988-1998, 1999-2001, 2005 – Fall 2008

-Chair, Planning Committee (1988-1998, 1999-2001, 2005 – Fall 2008)

-Chair, Curriculum Committee( 1988-1998, 1999-2001, 2005 – Fall 2008)

-Chair, Departmental Task Force to China and Korea—China “hub” project (January 2007)

-Chair, Departmental Tenure and Fourth-Year Review Committee (1988-1998, 1999- 2001, 2005 – Fall 2008)

-initiator and co-author, Graduate rubric for Undergraduate Departments

-co-author, Russian Ph.D. concentration, Comparative Literature

-Departmental Staff searches (1997-Fall 2008)

-Chair, Dept. Task Force on Korean Studies (2003-Fall 2008)

  • Mellon Post-Doctoral Selection Committee (l994, 2000)

-Study Abroad Committee, Russia and Republic of Georgia (1994-2001)

-author, consortial agreement with OSU and Purdue for summer program at Hertzen Institute in St. Petersburg Russia (July l994, l990)

  • Emory committee on Undergraduate Education (1991-3)

-Member, Committee to Assess Space Needs of General Libraries and Candler


Renovation (1989-90)

-author and coordinator for Emory’s partnership abroad, Pushkin Institute Consortium with OSU and Purdue (Emory’s first academic year program abroad), l987-88

Select Inter- Departmental Discussion Groups

-Founder and Inaugural Director of Center for Language, Literature, and Culture (CLLC)—precursor to Center for Humanistic Inquiry

-Founder and Facilitator, East Asian Discussion Group (l996-l997)

-Founder and member, Chinese Studies Discussion Group (l997-1998)

-Founder and Facilitator, Discussion Groups on NonWestern languages and ESL (l995- 1997).  Initiative led to founding of Emory College Language Center (ECLC)

-Founder, International Area Studies Program Directors Committee (1996-8; a precursor of ICIS Area Studies Council)