Friday, October 6, 2017

6980 Cambridge Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45227

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About the Barn!

Mary Emery became a widow of means in 1906. She used her vision and financing to employ John Nolen, a town planner, to create the village of Mariemont. Charles Livingood, Mary’s right hand advisor and manager, was the driving force in the many creations and accomplishments in the new village. Hubert Reeves was hired to design and build “Resthaven” barn. The Barn was constructed in 1924 to serve the farm land and livestock of the growing community. CLICK HERE to see a photo from 1926 we’ve just added, showing the Barn and the outlines of the new community of Mariemont. You can also read the NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK NOMINATION – use ctrl-F to search for “Resthaven”.

During the 1930’s, the Lindner Quality Milk Co. leased the dairy. The Cottage was the creamery, where milk from farmers in the Goshen and Milford areas was processed. The Lindner family eventually relocated to Norwood and founded United Dairy Farmers (UDF), and in 2008, Carl and Edyth Lindner’s donation of $485,000 made possible the Lindner Family Wing. (See the November 2011 edition of the “Town Crier” for Carl Lindner’s reminiscences about the Barn). In time, the Barn served as the home for the Village of Mariemont’s Maintenance Department and the Tax Office.

Today the Woman’s Art Club Foundation is happy to restore this historic property and under its new name “Woman’s Art Club Cultural Center” (also known as simply “The Barn”), it currently serves as a vibrant community arts center open to all, and the permanent home of the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati. Our art programs & exhibits showcase the original Resthaven Barn, and reflect Mary Emery’s life passion: “She embarked on a philanthropic program that endowed or initiated children’s programs, … an art museum, … various cultural agencies, and other causes that benefited humankind.” (Words from “Rich in Good Works” by Millard F. Rogers Jr, description on GoodReads).

The Mariemont Preservation Foundation has posted on YoutTube some great videos about the history of Mariemont. In honor of the 75th Anniversary of Incorporation of the Village of Mariemont, the Town Crier published a special, color issue which contains a great one-page summary of the Barn’s history, which you can read here.

(Information pulled from the Barn Website)